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The best tool for your video media conversions


MyIslandSoftware vous souhaite la bienvenue !

From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, I'm here to help. MyIslandVideo is a software that will help you create media very easily with statistical tools.

The current version allows to use most of the features. A Pro version exists, it allows to add other models and to have statistics in addition. But the current version allows to encode without any restriction.

MyIslandVideo combined with HandBrake.A powerful and intuitive graphical interface for converting high quality movies and more

MyIslandVideo is a graphical interface for HandBrake (soon for FFMpeg), functions to allow converting multimedia files between different formats. Command line instructions can be very difficult to master/understand, so MyIslandVideo does all the work for you. This allows you to use HandBrake without having a deep knowledge of the command line. But also it is possible to enable advanced functionality for expert command line users.

Soon with the possibility to use FFMpeg and all its features

View your original media information

The simplicity of MyIslandVideo brings a new approach to using the optional HandBrake tool, to build very high quality movies without the need to write command line code. This makes it the best video conversion interface available for Windows.

Statistics of compressed file sizes

MyIslandVideo offers you advanced statistical tools. These tools show you the compression rate of your files. This way you will always know how much compression has been done.

All functionalities with HandBrake options

Thanks to MyIslandVideo and the Handbrake tool it is possible to make a lot of variations for the encoding of your media.


Pro version

This version gives you the right to activate the statistics tab. As well as the possibility to set all the codes set by default with HandBrake.
Soon a version with FFMpeg will be available. So more functionality and the choice to choose your own encoder.

Just a few of the reasons you'll love HandBrake

Merci pour votre envoi !

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